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1. The product(s) ordered online by the BUYER shall be delivered to the BUYER or persons located at the address specified by the BUYER, by the VENDOR’s contracted logistics provider, within the 30 (thirty) days of legal respite granted. The BUYER agrees and warrants that in case he/she is not available at the address specified at the time of delivery, the product(s) may be delivered in due form in exchange of signature, to persons the names of which had been specified in advance by the BUYER, and who are present at the address.

2. The consignment invoice or delivery note to be issued by the VENDOR to the BUYER and/or a legal or natural person to be specified by the BUYER, in consideration of the price of the product(s) and the delivery charge paid by the BUYER, shall be sent by the VENDOR, to the delivery address specified by the BUYER in the present Agreement. The BUYER represents and warrants that he/she shall report in writing any changes of address to the VENDOR.

3. The BUYER agrees, and warrants that the billing and delivery addresses and other information she had specified in the delivery address field/s are complete and accurate. The VENDOR shall not be held liable whatsoever for erroneous and/or incomplete address information reported by the BUYER,  BUYER’s unavailability at the reported address compounded by the lack of anyone to take delivery of the product(s) at the said address, or the refrain on the part of such persons from taking delivery of the product(s) or any similar cases.

4. If the defects of the product(s) were identified after delivery, the BUYER shall notify the VENDOR in writing or verbally via our customer services. If the VENDOR finds the product(s) defective, the product(s) covered by the notice shall be replaced with new ones within 30 work days following the date of return to the VENDOR, without further delivery charges. Otherwise, the product(s) shall be returned to the BUYER.

5. The present Agreement should be approved online and the sale price should be paid in the form preferred by the BUYER, for the delivery of the product(s) covered within the agreement. The buyer agrees, represents and warrants that the VENDOR may decline to honor the obligation to deliver the product(s) without incurring any liability, in case the price of the product(s) is not paid or the payment is cancelled by the bank on any grounds.

6.’s contracted logistics provider shall ship the merchandise received to the designated shipping address (limited to countries and regions set forth separately by the contracted logistics provider). Provided, however, that there is a chance that shipment of the Merchandise to the shipping address may not be allowed due to laws and regulations in the location of shipping origin or locations through which the Merchandise transits.

7. Depending on inventory conditions of the Merchandise at the provider, shipping conditions of the Merchandise to's contracted logistics provider, customs procedures during shipping, and other factors, the number of shipment days as scheduled by the contracted logistics provider may differ from the number of days actually required for shipment.

8. Merchandise for which a user requests to purchase using the Purchase Agent Service shall be considered as delivered free of defect to the designated shipping address even in the event that receipt of the given Merchandise cannot be confirmed due to absence, refusal to take receipt, or any other circumstance of the recipient despite the Merchandise being shipped to the designated shipping address.

9. The vendor shall be entitled to freely dispose of the Merchandise if there is a failure to confirm the receipt of such Merchandise as mentioned in the preceding Clause. Even in the event that the user incurs damages as the result of such disposal, shall bear no liability for such damage.